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One System, One Source of Truth

When running your business, your team is going to use anything it can get its hands on to make the work smoother.

You and your employees are going to use sticky notes, message boards, white boards, spreadsheets, messaging apps, email, voicemail and good old fashioned paper to keep track of the products and services you have carefully crafted for your business.

With even the most effective filing system, physical or digital, your team is still going to be at a loss. What you need is one place to keep everything together. One place to organize all of your customer and product information and the many relationships between them.

Imagine a world where emails are tagged, calls and voicemails tracked and recorded, and every touch point with your customers is viewable across your teams. Imagine filling out paperwork online and automatically having it matched to a customer profile. Imagine being able to see the customer account as a whole, and all the products you’ve provided to them. Imagine viewing this information across your whole business — in just seconds.

All of this is possible with Salesforce. If your business is not already using a CRM, Salesforce is the one to get. Its customer relationships and reporting capabilities are unmatched in the agency management space.

Oh, and did we mention that Salesforce is customizable? You can adjust the system and add in tasks and automations to match your unique business processes.

We are not sponsored by Salesforce or here selling for them. We just know what works. Our consultants have worked in the insurance industry across over three decades. We’ve been in your shoes, jumping between spreadsheets and forms and call logs, trying to figure out what’s going on. We’ve been on legacy systems, frustrated with system limitations and restrictions.

In all of our years of experience, we have not found a solution more complete than the Salesforce platform. Salesforce is designed to be your business’s one source of truth. All of your data in one place.

Talk to our team today about moving your business onto Salesforce and making the software work for you.

Our consultants at GoGiles can assess your business processes to fit your Salesforce org with the best possible workflows to improve your team’s productivity.

We guarantee you it will make your team more efficient and your business more successful.

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